Client Benefits

Our consultative approach results in a unique depth of understanding of a client’s culture and the decision makers’ personalities. We build excellent, long-term relationships with clients and the people we bring to organizations. The partnerships that we develop serve not only to secure one leader but also to address future challenges and searches that follow.

Our long-term focus on top leadership and management positions in a variety of businesses, philanthropies, associations and not-for-profits fits this region’s business needs…we have a large database and long-standing relationships with a wide variety of respected organizations and leaders, who willingly refer prospective peers and qualified candidates. With every search, we continue to grow and diversify our already expansive database with specific candidates who fit the client’s criteria.

Our professional reputation is second to none because we complete our searches on schedule, provide outstanding service, and become trusted advisors to our clients. Through our relationship development, we assist our clients in deciphering priorities in potential candidates and provide realistic assessments as to what clients can expect.

We are skillful judges of prospective candidates, their experiences, and their potential to work effectively and add value in an organization. While we determine whether the technical skills exist to fill a role, we also discern whether a candidate will be additive to an organization’s culture. A successful candidate will help determine and manage the gap between where an organization is today and what goals, objectives and accomplishments are targets for the future.

Our deep candidate knowledge serves our clients well during the interview process.  Our thorough candidate assessments include any tertiary issues that may affect the search outcome. We typically advise and serve as an intermediary among parties in order to ensure a favorable outcome. Our process and results allow clients to maximize their investment in executive search with the least amount of risk. Our goal is to provide a delightful experience that exceeds our client's expectations and solves a senior leadership challenge.